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  1. This is a simple project of a sundial wherein the pinion is replaced by a line LASER I took from a LASER level. The LASER is mounted on a RC servo which in turn is driven by a micro controller. The micro controller keeps the time and turns the RC ...
  2. Max Step 1 First, you will need a green laser. I recommend anything 125 mW and above. For this DIY (Do it yourself) I was sponsored with a Spartan 250 mW green laser. You also need a diffractive glass that will distribute the green laser beams. I ...
  3. Kipkay Here is an easy to make and powerful laser alarm system that can protect your entire home, indoors or out! My inspiration for this project came from Brad Graham Kathy McGowan. Watch the video for details and the Test Results. You'll be ...
  4. The goal of this project was to expand upon the extremely popular LED persistence of vision (POV) devices that have become a staple of introductory electronic kits. By using the same POV concept as the LED-based kits, we can construct a laser ...
  5. Hundreds of yards away, in the dark of night, behind elaborate security and a pane of glass, a conversation ensues which will determine your future. (Just humor). Suppose you wanted to hear what was going on. What you need is a laser window-bounce ...

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