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  1. Stephen Woodward EDN Despite the ever-growing choices among single-supply “Rail-to-Rail” op-amps, it will always remain true that the only way to design an output stage active all the way down to zero volts is for the design to include ...
    Circuits » Analogue Design · Beginners · Supply » Texas Instruments » LM7905CT, LM320-N
  2. Russ Williams EDN Figure 1. Display of R-L-C circuit. There is one analog graphic which remains impressive in spite of all the computer graphics programs available for screen savers and such (Figure 1). Known as quadrature art, the display can be ...
  3. Vladimir Rentyuk, Zaporozhye, Ukraine A magnet waved past a Hall-effect sensor does the trick This circuit allows you to turn on your holiday bulbs with a wave of the magic wand. The strings flash in sequence. At the heart of the idea is the ...
  4. The following automatic battery-charger design is created with a circuit that could qualify as the simplest window comparator ever built around a single transistor. It starts charging when the battery voltage drops beyond a preset value, and it ...
  5. Michael J Gambuzza, General Electric Measurement and Control Solutions, Billerica, MA Use a transimpedance amplifier to drive an LED You can test an IR (infrared) link with a circuit that converts an IR-generated photocurrent to an amplified ...
  6. Luca Bruno, ITIS Hensemberger Monza, Lissone, Italy The classic Colpitts oscillator circuit in Figure 1 generates a clock signal with a fixed duty cycle. By replacing CMOS inverter gate IC 1A with a voltage comparator (Figure 2), you can obtain a ...
  7. Part 1 . Theory Circuit Setup The circuit setup for this experiment is quite simple. You need seven 330 Ω resistors in series with rows R1 through R7 to limit the current through the LEDs. Then the rows are driven by RB0 through RB6 pins of ...
  8. LED dot matrices are very popular means of displaying information as it allows both static and animated text and images. Perhaps, you have encountered them at gas stations displaying the gas prices, or in the public places and alongside highways, ...
  9. Set a regulator's output voltage under microprocessor control. Aruna Prabath Rubasinghe, University of Moratuwa, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka; Edited by Martin Rowe and Fran Granville EDN, February 3, 2011 The LM317T from National Semiconductor is a popular ...
  10. William Grill Voltage-monitoring circuit is based on Microchip 12F675 MCU Lets users set up a tolerance around a specific value A voltage monitor is a common hardware need. But beyond a simple compare, many systems must provide a tolerance around a ...
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