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  1. Application Note JN-AN-1166 Version 1.1 December 2013 This application note provides and describes a set of NXP software drivers for use with ‘smart lamps’. These software drivers are intended to be used in applications that run on ...
    Circuits » Wireless · Microcontrollers usage · Radio · Light · Networks · Application Notes » NXP » JN51xx, SSL2108, SSL2108, UBA2027, UBA3070
  2. Reference Design APP 5610 December 2013 Yuriy Kurtsevoy, Stuart Smith This reference design shows how to develop a high-performance, high-voltage 2- or 3-wire 4­20 mA current-loop transmitter suitable for industrial process control and smart ...
    Circuits » Automation · Interfaces · Radio · Networks · Application Notes » Maxim » DS8500, MAX15007, MAX5216, MAX6133, MAX9620
  3. Application Note JN-AN-1079 November 2013 This document aims to highlight the issues affecting the co-existence of IEEE 802.15.4-based systems in the presence of interference. The measures employed by the 802.15.4 standard to ensure reliable ...
  4. Application Note AND9151/D November 2013 Creating and distributing clock signals are the heartbeat of digital systems. Today's high-end systems demand extremely low noise clock signal integrity. Jitter, and more recently, phase noise, are the most ...
  5. Application Note AN11454 November 2013 This document provides circuit simulation, schematic, layout, BOM and typical EVB performance for a 5-5.9 GHz WiFi (WLAN) LNA. The BFU730F is a discrete HBT that is produced using NXP Semiconductors' advanced ...
  6. Economical alternative to original Arduino ethernet shields, allows data rates up to 10 Mbps and is achieved with a traditional assembly components. One of the most interesting shield that you can mount on the Arduino platform is certainly the ...
  7. Miroslav Adzic Serbia Montenegro Description I tested this concept on a little network consisting of three PCs running under Windows 2000. It works well. The network adapters are normal Intel and 3Com models, set to 10 Mbps and Half Duplex. The ...
  8. Abstract: This is a continuation of the article An AVR Microcontroller Based Ethernet Device . The hardware is still the same (ENC28J60 + atmega88). The software is now updated to provide also a web-server. That is: instead of using a command line ...
  9. Abstract: Ethernet has traditionally been a quite complex interface. All Ethernet chips until today had 100 pins or more, where difficult to find in small quantities and difficult to use from a small microcontroller with little memory. Microchip ...
  10. By Rahul Srivastava, VU3WJM TNC and Modems ruled the world of digital communications until recently. With the advent of high speed computing and digital signal processing (DSP) all this has changed. If you own a home computer (PC) with a sound ...
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