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  1. Ever wanted to control a tank with your phone? Well, here’s one way to make it happen (Figure 1). Figure 1. Bluetooth MSP430 Tank Parts: MSP430 Launchpad with MSP430G255 3 chip from Texas Instruments (TI). Wireless Bluetooth V2.0 RS232 TTL ...
  2. Malik Zohaib Part 1. Schematic Software description: The software is written in ‘C’ language and compiled using CodeVision AVR ‘C’ compiler. The source program is converted into hex code by the compiler. Burn this hex code ...
  3. Malik Zohaib Conventionally, wireless-controlled robots use RF circuits, which have the drawbacks of limited working range, limited frequency range and limited control. Use of a mobile phone for robotic control can overcome these limitations. It ...
  4. The Software You will require the latest (as of July, 2002) version of GCC, version 3.2 as provided on the AVRFreaks GCC web page, to be able to program the ATMEGA8 and take advantage of direct I/O register assignment mode which is new in this ...
  5. The Charger Literature on the batteries is rather spotty. I learned enough to believe Li-Ion would work for me. The only thing I needed to do was find or build a charger. My first battery turned out to be from an AMS Tech Rodeo 7000 laptop - they ...
  6. LiIon Batteries Talk to your Battery Many of the newer battery packs are Smart. There is an Intel-Duracell spec on this that many battery makers follow. It uses the SMBus (System Management Bus, an I2C derivative) to provide communications between ...
  7. This article discusses LiIon batteries and describes a universal Lithium Ion battery charger with a Smart Battery interface based on an Atmel ATMEGA8 microcontroller using GCC ver. 3.2 Overview Lithium Ion batteries are becoming a practical ...
  8. Most commercial rocket controllers available to buy are either expensive or do not have many features. After a lot of searching I found nothing that met my needs. I wanted a controller that could work multiple pads, as well as being easy to set up ...
  9. Simple RC Cars - Single channel Transmitters and Super Regenerative Receivers at 27MHz and 49MHz HOME Here is the 9 volt GS transmitter which does not use a crystal. This clever design allows only two transistors to generate both the carrier and ...
  10. Tiny RC Cars - Transmitter and Charger circuit - 2 x AA cell - 27MHz and 49MHz HOME The transmitter runs on only 3V whereas most others run on more voltage. This dirt cheap item uses non-adjustable inductors so it is not possible to tweak for ...
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