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  1. Tim Regan Electronic Design Environmental concerns are spurring the development of clean transportation alternatives. Most popular are full electric and hybrid electric motor vehicles, which use stacks of lithium-ion battery cells as the electric ...
  2. Francesc Casanellas EDN Figure 1 shows a power supply that delivers 5 V from a 12 V battery. With only a few components, the supply copes with all the automotive transients that ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 7637-1 lists ...
    Circuits » Automotive · Supply · Power » Diodes » MMBTA42
  3. Mike Shriver, Linear Technology Design Note 543 The LTC7138 is a 400 mA step-down regulator that can operate over an input voltage range of 4 V to 140 V, ideal for industrial, telecom, automotive and other applications subject to harsh line ...
  4. Michael Page EDN The circuit in Figure 1 is not complex, but it saved the day in an application involving visual inspection of the spray pattern of fuel injectors for quality and consistency. In this application, xenon strobe lights did not work ...
  5. Charlie Zhao, Linear Technology Design Note 512 Introduction The trend in automobiles and industrial systems is to replace mechanical functions with electronics, thus multiplying the number of microcontrollers, signal processors, sensors, and other ...
  6. Larry Beaty, Beatys Mills EDN This Design Idea came about as a result of my not having access to those wonderful new ICs that sense current. I needed a discrete circuit that I could build easily but that would still be as accurate as the new ICs. ...
  7. Application Note AN4402 November 2013 The L99MC6 and the L9733 are respectively hexa and octal multi-channel drivers capable of driving various types of loads: resistive, inductive, capacitive loads and LEDs. They integrate an SPI interface for a ...
  8. Application Report DLPA043 October 2013 Texas Instrument's DLP Technology enables highly-efficient, next-generation, full-color, large field-of-view Automotive Head-Up Display (HUD) systems with augmented reality capability. The uniqueness of DLP ...
  9. Application Note AN-1187 Alex Lollio The IR3230 is a three-phase brushless DC motor controller/driver with many integrated features. They provide large flexibility in adapting the IR3230 to a specific system requirement and simplify the system ...
  10. Vishwas Vaidya Electronic Design Smart switches for automotive applications are costly, may not be readily available for 24-V operation, and often come in unneeded dual and quad configurations. By adding a few standard, low-cost components to a ...
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