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  1. The idea Ardusumo is a universal platform to build robots on wheels that can move around avoiding obstacles using infrared sensors and follow routes marked with dark lines on a white background (Figure 1). We have created Ardusumo to bring young ...
  2. Part 1 - Hardware and Schematic Part 2 - Robots Filippo, Bipe and Spider Let us see now the analysis of the firmware describing those functions that are common to all the robots such as the procedure that reads the distance from obstacles by means ...
  3. Filippo robot Filippo is a biped robot whose movements are assigned to only two servos, but with this robot you can experiment with robotics without spending large sums. It is able to walk and turn around, then you can direct it in any direction, ...
  4. The idea behind this post is to bring together some robot designs and trasform them in a new device with new hardware and standard software (arduino of course) and so easier to use. These robots have three things in common: a mechanical structure, ...
  5. Recently I worked on a project where I wanted to control a servo using an Atmel ATtiny85 . I checked online for ready made code that did this but I couldn’t find anything satisfactory. Not wanting to switch to a larger microcontroller I ...
  6. Those of you who imagine that a robot voice generator box would require a whole heap of ICs are mistaken; the ISD2500 ChipCorder family of ICs from Winbond contains almost all the necessary hardware in a single IC to record and playback audio ...
  7. The Software You will require the latest (as of July, 2002) version of GCC, version 3.2 as provided on the AVRFreaks GCC web page, to be able to program the ATMEGA8 and take advantage of direct I/O register assignment mode which is new in this ...
  8. The Charger Literature on the batteries is rather spotty. I learned enough to believe Li-Ion would work for me. The only thing I needed to do was find or build a charger. My first battery turned out to be from an AMS Tech Rodeo 7000 laptop - they ...
  9. LiIon Batteries Talk to your Battery Many of the newer battery packs are Smart. There is an Intel-Duracell spec on this that many battery makers follow. It uses the SMBus (System Management Bus, an I2C derivative) to provide communications between ...
  10. This article discusses LiIon batteries and describes a universal Lithium Ion battery charger with a Smart Battery interface based on an Atmel ATMEGA8 microcontroller using GCC ver. 3.2 Overview Lithium Ion batteries are becoming a practical ...
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