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  1. .. shows us how to use an use an accelerometer as a mouse. This project uses a MEMS X/Y accelerometer, a PIC microcontroller and a old mouse. He also describes a trick ...
  2. .. If you don't know why, then just assume there are people who hate the clicking sound. Equipment needed: a Genius Netscroll+ mouse - my original object of experimentation or other type, such as my Dell scroll mouse (seems to be a Logitech) ...
  3. .. that increase productivity when I'm working, which makes this an incredibly useful mod. This circuit can be added to any mouse. Yes, that's any mouse, following these simple steps. For this Instructable, you will need: 555 Timer IC 8-Pin ...
  4. .. Besplemennov EDN This Design Idea utilizes an optical computer mouse's sensor for measuring rotation of a disk which can be mechanically connected to any sort of rotating ...
    Circuits » Measurement · Computers and Peripherals » PixArt » PAN3101, PAN101B, OM02
  5. .. project shows you how to build a Wireless Accelerometer Mouse Pointer ( Look here ). I think in time these types of input devices will be in everything allowing for added ...
  6. .. end of the string is fixed to a solid weight. The Balance module lifts up/down by winding the string. A built-in mini USB mouse detects the lift event. The red dish right-clicks the mouse. Thus, a release of mouse right button means that ...
  7. .. running (it uses a minuscule amount of your computer's CPU) and so you can check the temperature readings by hovering the mouse over the icon. A number of changes have been made to make the Windows software more tolerant of errors in the ...
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