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  1. .. doesn’t hurt either. Be warned! And the parts are tiny! If you are a beginner, give these books and websites a look: ...
  2. Generate a pair of quadrature-phase digital signals. Stefano Salvatori and Marco Girolami The circuit in this Design Idea realizes a simple, low-cost lock-in amplifier employing an Analog Devices AD630 balanced modulator-demodulator IC (Reference ...
  3. .. working on a music/noise project that uses a PS/2 keyboard interfaced to a PIC16F84, and I used your page at heavily as a reference when designing ...
    .. it would be possible to control simple Ethernet appliances, e.g. your coffee maker, electrical rolling shutters, autonomous net-based lawn mower,.. ;-) by this remote terminal. Brave new world .. Concept The routine below contains no support ...
  4. .. Hill The circuit is drawn with PCB 123 which you can download for free from Click for enlarge As a keen cyclist I am always looking for ways to be seen at night. I wanted something ...
  5. .. only for study or repair uses. Informations are from retracing of lamps and from sources in a link section. Links Page with a description of electronic starter in a Czech language. ...
  6. Andy Collinson Description An AM portable radio receiver made from the ZN414 IC. The ZN414 ic has now been replaced by the MK484 which is identical in performance and pinout. Click to enlarge Notes: Designed around the popular ZN414 IC this ...
  7. .. places like Ebay . This web site talks about the virtues and vices of various Ametek motors when used as generators. There are probably lots of other brands and models of permanent magnet DC motors ...
  8. .. more promising to me. This web site tells you how to make a set of blades for a small wind turbine using PVC pipe. I followed their general recipe. I did things a little differently though. I ...
  9. .. nice, and made building my own unit very easy. I based my unit on the schematic of the one found on this web site: That web site goes into a lot of detail about the controller, so I'm only ...
  10. .. diode in the Microwave detector has been hard to find. I have found a supplier for the diodes... Purchased here: Site Main Page : This site ...
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