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  1. .. is a precision 15V regulator on a single side PCB. The circuit is based on EB-802 with design by zerosoft on . I have replaced some components that easy to find in the market and design a new PCB that look ...
  2. This project is a remote control system based on a pic and an universal remote controller for TV, named SIMPLEX. The IR signal of a specific remote controller is received from an IC receiver(SFH 505 or similar ) and sent to the pic, the inside ...
  3. After seeing so many applications using acceleromters making a simple project of my own with this cool sensor just seemed natural. The main application of the accelerometer is either for sensing tilt or sensing acceleration. For this application A ...
  4. Andy Collinson Description An electromagnetic field probe designed to detect changing electric and magnetic fields. The probe has switchable gain, a frequency response up to 400kHz and independent audio and meter monitoring. Click to enlarge ...
  5. .. charger for a similar battery but it would not converse with my battery. Here is a good site for Smart Battery info. LiIon Battery Characteristics A Li-Ion cell produces a nominal 3.6 or 3.7 volts per cell. Operating ...
  6. .. a statement such as 'Contains portions of the WFF GenericHID Communication Library which is 2011 Simon Inns -'.
  7. .. into a complete set of measurement instruments. No new hardware is necessary as it uses the PC’s sound card. Syscomp Electronic Design, Ltd. HobbyLab ...
  8. .. higher-voltage operation. You can design and simulate this circuit using the ADIsimPower design tool, which is available at The tool lets you design boost, SEPIC, and SEPIC-Cuk converters using this technique and ...
  9. .. this interface circuit, along with comments. The PSoC integrated development environment is available without charge from For use at longer distances, the circuit can be extended over several feet with the modifications ...
  10. .. requirement for adding pulse-generation functions to a crowded PC board, I searched Fairchild Semiconductor's Web site ( for small-footprint Schmitt-input logic gates and found only old faithfuls familiar ...
    Circuits » Digital » Fairchild » NC7SZ57, NC7SZ58
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