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  1. Supply Texas Instruments LM2682 LMH6672 LMV431
    .. Q 1 , the 2N2222 transistor. The configuration of the transistor causes a V BE drop of approximately 0.7 V, resulting in a net voltage of 5 V for the next stage. The purpose of the transistor is to provide additional current to the LM2682 ...
  2. .. a cascade of the autozeroed AD8231 instrumentation amp, IC 1 , with a preset voltage gain of eight, IC 2 , and IC 3 . The net result is that the input-voltage offset of IC 2 causes an RTI (referred-to-input) voltage offset, which decreases ...
  1. .. by Gordon Henderson. First off, install the wiringpi library: mkdir development cd development git clone git:// cd wiringPi ./build Next, save the following code into a file called voltmeter.c . The code can be ...
  2. .. linearization with constant loop gain. E is the product of A and C and is the achieved loop-gain linearization. The net result is a linear relationship between the control circuit and heater outputs and a consequent optimization of the ...
  3. Čestmír Hýbl Introduction Some time ago I was poking in my box of old components. I was searching something else, but I stopped when a few of nixies came up into my hand. Once upon a time (a long, long time ago) I ...
  4. .. less than 1% transfer-function nonlinearity. With suitable adjustment of the SPAN potentiometer, a 50-mV input produces a net Q 2 , Q 3 , Q 4 composite current of 500 µA and 5 V output voltage, ideal for direct input to a typical A/D ...
  5. Digital Fairchild NC7SZ57 NC7SZ58
    .. requirement for adding pulse-generation functions to a crowded PC board, I searched Fairchild Semiconductor's Web site ( for small-footprint Schmitt-input logic gates and found only old faithfuls familiar ...
  6. .. loads for a total load of 100 Ω, which results in a 6-dB gain loss for which IC1's gain of two compensates for a net gain of unity. The OPA656 also introduces lower noise and distortion than that of most commercially available, ...
  7. .. and offset by the inverting summing amplifier U2A to form the signal-generator’s output. Figure 3. The associated VB. Net code provides an easy-to-use PC graphical interface for setting the function generator’s critical parameters.
  8. .. see in the video - it all works well. Code can be downloaded here - download . Charlieplexing little helper tool -

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