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Using STM32F30x/31x PWM shut-down features for motor control and digital power conversion

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Application Note AN4277
November 2013

The purpose of this document is to describe STM32F30x/31x timer break feature and show how it can be used with other STM32F3 internal resources for over-current and over-voltage protection in applications such as motor drives and digital power conversion (lighting, SMPS, induction heating).

This application note:

  • provides an overview of the timer break feature,
  • details how the timer break input is connected to different break sources,
  • enumerates the different break event sources,
  • provides some scenarios of PWM output signal response to break events coming from an internal source, an external source or a combination of both internal and external break signals,
  • shows how to implement over-current and over-voltage protections using the timer break feature and other embedded peripherals (such as comparators, DAC and so on).

pdfDownload Application Note AN4277 (682 Kb)

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