GNSS LNA evaluation board BGU8010


Application Note AN11336
December 2013

NXP Semiconductors' BGU8010 Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) LNA Evaluation Boards is designed to evaluate the performance of the GNSS LNA using:

  • NXP Semiconductors' BGU8010 GNSS Low Noise Amplifier
  • A matching inductor
  • A decoupling capacitor

NXP Semiconductors' BGU8010 is a low-noise amplifier for GNSS receiver applications in a plastic, leadless 6 pin, extremely thin small outline SOT1230 at 1.1 x 0.9 x 0.47mm, 0.4mm pitch. The BGU8010 features gain of 16.1 dB and a noise figure of 0.85 dB at a current consumption of 3.1 mA. The LNA components occupy a total area of approximately 4 mm2.

In this document, the application diagram, board layout, bill of materials, and typical results are given, as well as some explanations on GNSS related performance parameters like out-of-band input third-order intercept point O_IIP3, gain compression under jamming and noise under jamming.

pdfDownload Application Note AN11336 (393 Kb)

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BGU8010 GNSS LNA evaluation board
BGU8010 GNSS LNA evaluation board

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