Smart Lamp Drivers

NXP JN51xx SSL2108 SSL2108 UBA2027 UBA3070

Application Note JN-AN-1166
Version 1.1
December 2013

This application note provides and describes a set of NXP software drivers for use with ‘smart lamps’. These software drivers are intended to be used in applications that run on NXP’s range of JN51xx wireless microcontrollers, allowing a JN51xx application to interact with the hardware driver for a lamp. The lamp can then be incorporated in a wireless network and remotely controlled via radio links. A simple example application is also provided, the Smart Lamp Driver Test Tool, which allows lamps to be controlled from a wireless remote control unit (but without requiring them to join a wireless network).

This application note is concerned with a ‘smart lamp’ which can be controlled via a radio link from a wireless network device, such as a remote control unit or an IP gateway/router (it may also be controlled from a pre-existing wired switch).

The smart lamp contains an NXP JN51xx wireless microcontroller to handle control commands received over the radio. This device is connected to a lamp driver IC which controls the Solid State Lamp (SSL) or Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL).

This application note provides software drivers that can be used by an application on the JN51xx device to interact with the lamp driver IC.

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