IRuFB1 40 W Isolated Flyback PFC

International Rectifier IRS2505L

Application Note AN-1188
August 2013
Akos Hodany

The IRuFB1 40 W Isolated Flyback PFC design is presented in this document. This power supply circuit provides power factor correction (PFC), output voltage regulation and full protection against over-current/over-voltage conditions. Schematic, BOM, PCB layout example are included in this application note as well as a detailed design aid for circuit dimensioning. The circuit comprises a one-stage Flyback DC/DC converter operating in Critical Conduction Mode (CRM), controlled by the IRS2505L PFC control IC, ensuring high power efficiency, compact size, low cost and excellent power factor and THDI figures.

Safety Warning

The presented circuit operates from the AC line voltage. The maximum on-board DC voltage may be as high as 600 V. However, the output provides galvanic isolation from the line voltage; an electrical shock hazard exists at any time when operating the circuit. The IRuFB1 demo circuit should be handled by qualified electrical engineers only! Note that the used flyback transformer provides only a functional isolation.

pdfDownload Application Note AN - 1188 (1.2 Mb)

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IRuFB1 40 W Isolated Flyback PFC

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