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Six Channel IR Remote System With Micro PIC 16F84

PIC 16F84

This project is a remote control system based on a pic and an universal remote controller for TV, named SIMPLEX.

The IR signal of a specific remote controller is received from an IC receiver(SFH 505 or similar ) and sent to the pic, the inside program decodes the algorithm and switches 6 output ports and the corresponding relays .You can use it to control 6 appliances of your room such as lamp, radio, Hi-Fi , TV , computer and so on .The range is great about 10 meters

Obviously you have to get the right remote controller , I used the above universal TV remote and programmed it with the 2242 code, it corresponds to the code of some Sony and Mitsubishi TV .I took the decoding algorithm from tanzilli.comand (they use a display which gives the numeric resulting code of the key pressed on the simplex) , if you want more search for "Simplex" keyword in these sites.

The code that I've modified to switch six relays also let you test any remote control ir led , because there is a subroutine that beep the active piezo when you press any button . This last function is toggleable by switching on a particular channel (TV channel). The final result is that you 'll be able to command all you room without moving a finger.

Six Channel IR Remote System With Micro PIC 16F84

I think that's wonderfull,

Isn't it ?

Six Channel IR Remote System With Micro PIC 16F84


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