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Carputer Xarias - AVR based car computer

Embeded AVR system for your car, based on ATMega MCU. Calculates statistics and control your car.

Widely known as carputer, this system is designed for:

  • calculating speed, fuel consumption, economy driving, e.t.c.
  • displaying information about temperatures and controll Air Conditioning system in your car (supported in version b2, coming march 2008).
  • controlling other devices, like electrically opened windows (supported in version b2, coming march 2008).

The heart of the system is ATMega MCU. It is also used DS1307 RTC from Dallas Semiconductor. DS1307 is the best choice here, because it has programmable squarewave output signal, 56 bytes of nonvolatile memory and automatic powerfail detect and switch circuity. Output signal is used to trigger measurement routines and nonvolatile memory will be used to store preferances and statistics.

Currently only Hitachi HD44780-compatible displays are supported.

The system is based on ATMega MCU programmed in C language.

Schematics and code.

AVR based car computer Carputer Xarias

P.S. The newest, version v0.2 release candidate of Xarias is available from 07.2008.

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