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IR USB on PIC18F2550

Arthur Benemann

A IR remote - USB keyboard for XBMC

Hi, i'm sharing this project becuse it has become realy useful for me.(and it was easy and fun to build).And like i was not able to find some project that do this (now i have found some) i had to build it myself.

It's basic a Infra red remote controler for PCs. It decodes IR signals and emulates key presses on a PC. It is recognized as a USB keyboard , so it needs no programs running in background, just plug and play.

It is compatible with Sony SIRC 20 bit protocol,works with my LG and SKY universal remotes when they are configured as Sony DVD.Changing this protocol shouldn't be to hard for someone with a little programing skill.

The keystrokes it send are configured to work with XBMC Media Center software.But it is easy to change the keys pres it emulate.

Just two things:
I'm not responsible for any kind of damage resulted from this project,if you would like to use it, do it on your on.

Don't sell this to anyone without consult me.


Schematic Diagram

Schematic Diagram: IR USB on PIC18F2550
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It started on a bread board , show in image, while i was just playing aroun with a PIC 18F and usb. RS232 was utilized to decode the remote controller protocol,old source code with this function its on the rar file.

Thanks to microchip USB example code,emulating was already done, just lik both programs.

I developed a small board with smd components ( i burned my only dip 18f2550,and in Brasil its hard to get new chips).It has some unnecessary headers,with more time i could made it a lot smaller, but double face boards take twice the time to me to build.

PCB: IR USB on PIC18F2550


Schematic diagram, PCB board, source code, hex-file, USB library and examples from Microchip - download

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