30V power supply with +5V

Seiichi Inoue

I made the power supply which makes about +30V with +5V power supply.

30V power supply with +5V

The direct current is changed into the alternating current by the oscillator which used the schmitt trigger inverter which has the hysteresis characteristic and the resonance circuit. The high DC voltage (+50V) is made with the alternating voltage using the voltage amplification rectification circuit.

+30V power supply with +5V

The output voltage of this circuit changes mainly when the load changes. So, this power supply can be used only as the power supply of the circuit that the load is constant or the circuit which doesn't have a problem even if the voltage changes.

30V power supply with +5V
Pattern drawing for +30V power supply (Wiring side)


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  • I like these project. What do you need to change in the componet to make it + 48V output. I'd like to see all the part list and value please. Thx.