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  1. Andy Collinson Description: A microphone amplifier that may be used with either Electret Condenser Microphone (ECM) inserts or dynamic inserts, made with discrete components. Notes: Both transistors should be low noise types. In the original ...
  2. Alexander Weber I searched the web for a cheap method to let the ATmega respond to sound. My knowledge in analog circuits is very limited, but what I do remember, is that you can not attach a electret mircophone to a controller pin. The signal of ...
  3. Turns-off your amplifier when idle for 15 minutes Fed by amplifier tape-output Circuit diagram: Parts: R1,R8 1K 1/4W Resistors R2,R3 4K7 1/4W Resistors R4 22K 1/4W Resistor R5 4M7 1/4W Resistor R6,R9 10K 1/4W Resistors R7 1M5 1/4W Resistor R10 100K ...
  4. Audioguru Dec '05 This project uses an LM3915 bar-graph IC driving two sets of ten LEDs for a 30dB range. The circuit is unique because it has an additional range of 20dB provided by an automatic gain control to allow it to be very sensitive to low ...
  5. A Microchip PIC based USB sound card INTRODUCTION The idea for creating a USB sound card based on a PIC came from discussions of other people creating one on the Microchip USB forum. The hardware of the card is based on all Microchip products. The ...
  6. The function generator is a generic measurement equipment to generate test signals. Most function generators can generate a sine, square and/or triangle wave and high end equipments support arbitrary waveforms and have multiple channels. The simple ...
  7. For around $30 in parts and a good amount of patience, you can have a completely open source and hackable mp3 player ready to go. It can be modified to accept serial commands, be embedded in an art project, used as the voice of your next smart ...
  8. Peter D'Antonio Daniel Riiff Introduction In the recent years, the MPEG Layer III (MP3) music compression format has become an extremely popular choice for digital audio compression. Its high compression ratio, and near CD quality sound make it a ...
  9. Here it is, in all its magnificent glory -- the new Shuffle! We'll post updates on twitter about interesting things that we discover as we go. The box is as dainty as its contents. According to Apple, the Shuffle has a true volume of 4,326 cubic ...
    Circuits » Audio » Apple » iPod Shuffle
  10. Give your speakers some extra personality by making them out of a vinyl doll. Kid Robot makes the easily hackable Munny doll and I've been meaning to cut one up. The combined need for some new speakers created a happy union of doll and speaker. ...

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