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  1. Create a cheap and green solar heater for less than $10. All you need is foam board, lots of pennies, black spray paint, and plexiglass. The assembled product should be placed next to a window and can increase the room temperature by a minimum of ...
  2. Dead batteries are the scourge of cellphone jockeys and iPod people everywhere. But you can avoid volt loss by charging your gadgets while you carry them. Just equip an old messenger bag with a lightweight, weather-proof solar panel, a simple ...
  3. A few days ago we started writing about our DIY Solar Bag and today we start to show you how to make your own solar Bag ‘the easy way’. Part one is about the integration of a solar panel in a bag. What you will need for this part of the ...
  4. Solar Engine Circuit - Small DC motor runs off of calculator solar cell in dim light HOME How do we achive 10nA operation? By using diodes in place of pull up resistors, and by isolating the DC load from the trigger circuit via junction drops and ...
  5. Solar LED garden light - Solar Cell charges single NiCd AA cell which runs LED via stepup converter when darkness falls HOME Reverse engineered circuit diagram of a popular mass produced solar light. The light automatically turns on when there is ...
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