10A, 100V Schottky Rectifier in the DPAK package designed for solar panel applications

Central Semiconductor CSHD10-100C

The Central Semiconductor CSHD10-100C is a Silicon Schottky rectifier designed for surface mount high voltage applications requiring a low forward voltage drop. 10A, 100V Schottky Rectifier in the DPAK package consists of two 5 Amp Schottky rectifiers in a common cathode configuration.

Central Semiconductor - CSHD10-100C


  • High Current (IO = 10A total)
  • Low forward voltage (VF = 0.8V @ 5.0A)
  • Low leakage at high temperatures (IR = 20mA @ TJ = 100°C)


  • DC-DC output rectification
  • Reverse polarity protection


  • Energy efficiency
  • Elevated temperature performance
  • Single, dual or parallel configurations


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