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  1. Engineered for superior switching and EMI performance Alpha and Omega Semiconductor announced the release of AOTF190A60L , the first product in the new αMOS5™ HV MOSFET platform. This device provides high-efficiency performance in an ...
    Discretes · High Voltage · Power » Alpha & Omega » AOTF190A60L
  2. Vishay Intertechnology introduced a new planar transformer offering power from 1 kW to 3 kW in a compact 70 mm by 53 mm by 22 mm size. Compared to devices built on traditional winding technology, the Vishay Sfernice PLA51 delivers the same power ...
  3. Superior Switching Performance Helps Manufacturers Meet Tough Energy Efficiency and EMI Regulations Fairchild released its first 1200 V silicon carbide (SiC) diode, the FFSH40120ADN , in its series of upcoming SiC solutions. The 1200 V ...
    Discretes · High Voltage · Power » Fairchild » FFSH40120ADN
  4. Infineon Technologies expands its µHVIC family of integrated circuits for high and low voltage: the new single channel low-side drivers IR44252L , IR44272L , and IR44273L enable robust and cost effective design solutions. The device family ...
    Drivers · High Voltage · Power » Infineon » IR44252L, IR44272L, IR44273L
  5. Vishay Intertechnology announced that it has extended its popular VY1 series of AC-line-rated ceramic disc safety capacitors with new devices offering reduced sizes and higher pulse strength up to 10 kV. With body diameters down to 7.5 mm, devices ...
    Capacitors · High Voltage » Vishay » VY1 Compact
  6. STMicroelectronics is expanding three of its advanced high-voltage power MOSFET families with the introduction of two new power packages, making energy-conscious equipment such as battery chargers, solar microinverters and computer power supplies ...
  7. Reduces Signal Noise by 96% and Improves Offset Voltage by 2X Back in 1991, Apex Microtechnology introduced the industry’s first high voltage, 350 V power amplifier IC the PA41 . Today, Apex continues to drive industry innovation by designing ...
    Drivers · Amplifiers · High Voltage · Power » Apex » PA441DF, PA441DW, PA443DF
  8. Murata Manufacturing announced the ultra compact MHM500 ozonizer module constructed on a low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) element. Using a discharge electrode and a dielectric electrode within the LTCC board the ozonizer creates a stable ...
  9. UHVDC converter transformer can operate at over a million volts and enable efficient and reliable transmission of larger amounts of electricity across longer distances ABB has successfully developed and tested an 1,100 kilovolt (kV) ...

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