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  1. Analog Devices announced the Power by Linear™ LTC3372 , a highly integrated power management solution for systems that require multiple low voltage outputs generated from an input voltage as high as 60 V. The LTC3372 features a 60 V ...
    Supply · Power » Analog Devices » LTC3372
  2. Infineon Technologies is launching a new 1200 V IGBT generation TRENCHSTOP™ IGBT6. It is the first discrete IGBT duopack on the market manufactured on 12 inch wafer size. The new IGBT technology is designed to fulfill the increasing customer ...
  3. 3-fold Half-Bridge Driver IC E523.50 for BLDC Applications Elmos introduces with the E523.50 , a threefold 72 V half-bridge driver for brushless DC (BLDC) motors. Feasible are automotive applications with 12/24 V- (Trucks) and 48 V board net power ...
    Drivers · Power » Elmos » E523.50
  4. New device offers significantly reduced footprint for automotive 3-phase brushless motor applications Toshiba Electronics Europe announces the availability of a new compact power MOSFET gate driver intelligent power device (IPD) for automotive ...
    Drivers · Automotive · Power » Toshiba » TPD7212F
  5. Feature-Rich ISL68300 and ISL68301 Deliver up to Eight Phases and More Than 240 A for FPGAs, DSPs, ASICs, and Network Processors Renesas Electronics announced two new PMBus™ compliant, fully digital DC/DC controllers that provide single ...
    Power » Renesas » ISL68300, ISL68301
  6. Analog Devices announces the Power by Linear™ LTM4678 dual 25 A or single 50 A step-down µModule® regulator with PMBus digital interface. By stacking and exposing its two inductors on top of BGA package, the LTM4678 uses the ...
    Supply · Power » Analog Devices » LTM4678
  7. Optimal power efficiency using the latest technology sets a new industry standard for high power density applications Alpha and Omega Semiconductor introduced the AONX38168 , which utilizes the latest 25 V N-Channel MOSFET Technology. The XSPairFET ...
    Discretes · Power » Alpha & Omega » AONX38168
  8. FAN6500xx series delivers exceptional levels of integration for higher efficiency and reliability ON Semiconductor has announced the release of three new highly-efficient mid-voltage PWM buck converters. Supporting a wide input voltage range of 4.5 ...
    Supply · Power » ON Semiconductor » FAN65008B, FAN65005A, FAN65004B
  9. Simple to use board simplifies and speeds up development process Toshiba Electronics Europe announces a new evaluation board for their TPD420xF series of brushless DC (BLDC) three-phase motor driver ICs to speed up the process of prototyping and ...
    Drivers · Power » Toshiba » TPD4204F, TPD4206F, TPD4207F
  10. New packaging design provides 1.7 times higher rupture resistance than conventional press-pack packaging Toshiba Electronics Europe will be providing details on its new packaging for its 4.5 kV class press-pack IEGT (PPI) devices at PCIM 2018 in ...
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