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  1. Arduino team excited to kick off Maker Faire Bay Area by expanding our IoT lineup with two new boards: the MKR Vidor 4000 and the Uno WiFi Rev 2. The MKR Vidor 4000 (Figure 1) is the first-ever Arduino based on an FPGA chip, equipped with a ...
    Arduino » Arduino » MKR Vidor 4000, Uno WiFi Rev2
  2. Arduino team excited to announce two new wireless connectivity boards to help streamline Internet of Things development, the MKR WiFi 1010 and MKR NB 1500. The first of the boards is the MKR WiFi 1010, which offers low power consumption and has ...
    Arduino · Wireless » Arduino » MKR WiFi 1010,¬†MKR NB 1500
  3. Arduino Team Arduino You Can Now Program Your Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone on Arduino Create Today, at Embedded Linux Conference 2018, Arduino announced the expansion of the number of architectures supported by its Arduino Create platform for the ...
  4. Simplify development of traditionally complex designs with new PIC and AVR families featuring Core Independent Peripherals and Intelligent Analog Whether it’s used as an initial introduction into embedded development, the main controller of a ...
    Microcontrollers · Arduino » Microchip » PIC16F18446, ATmega4809
  5. John Biggs TechCrunch The tiny Pixel 2.0 is basically an Arduino board wedded to a tiny 1.5″ 128×128 color OLED screen. This means you can stick it inside a wearable and address the screen directly from the Arduino board, an improvement ...
  6. In order to address the vibrant and constantly expanding maker market, SST Sensing Ltd. has partnered up with Sparkfun. Together they have developed and simple to implement solution for single point liquid detection using infra-red technology. This ...
  7. Graham Prophet EDN Europe Rohm Semiconducto r has designed an Arduino-based evaluation kit (EVK) to support the evaluation of its motor driver devices: the shield plugs directly into the Arduino main board, and the EVK integrates a Rohm’s ...
  8. Newest platform offers unparalleled ease of use and rapid development GainSpan® Corporation announces a new Starter Kit Board utilizing the GS2200MIZ Wi-Fi mini module that is the smallest module in its class as small as a penny while still ...
  9. Superior IC technology heightens performance plus expanded interfacing enables connection with Arduino mikroBUS™ related hardware Having already seen strong market uptake of the initial CleO smart display solution for rapid development of ...
  10. Julien Happich EETimes Europe Norwegian sensor technology company Nordic Automation Systems is releasing its first Arduino compatible LoRaWAN development board, dubbed Badgerboard, which the company claims can be easily extended to a prototype or ...
    Wireless · Arduino » Nordic Automation » Badgerboard
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