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Wind Turbines.

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  1. PowerPulse A team of EU-backed researchers have developed a 'self-installing' offshore wind turbine system designed to drive down installation costs and improve worker safety. The innovative system was developed as part of the EU's $3.6 ...
  2. Tom Lombardo Siemens made a few internal changes to its tried-and-true 6 MW offshore wind turbine, turning it into a 7 MW turbine with no changes to the exterior. By upgrading a few internal components, engineers were able to ...
    Wind Energy » Siemens » SWT-7.0-154
  3. Electronic Specifier Today marks the inauguration of the world's largest offshore wind power plant, London Array. Siemens supplied the 175 wind turbines and the grid connection for London Array. Together with Dong Energy, Siemens will also be ...
  4. There is enough energy available in winds to meet all of the world's demand. Atmospheric turbines that convert steadier and faster high-altitude winds into energy could generate even more power than ground- and ocean-based units. New research from ...
  5. Sigma Design Company estimating manufacturing could begin within two years. Jerry Lynch, president of the Middlesex-based Sigma Design Company, is taking the first steps toward testing, improving and manufacturing patented invention of Mr. Raymond ...
    Wind Energy » Sigma Design Company » Catching Wind Power Compressed Air Enclosed Wind Turbine
  6. Land-based tower wind turbines are pretty much the gold standard of wind power today. But the engineers from NASA are working on an ingenious alternative airborne wind-power systems. NASA is focusing on two aspects of the technology one is the set ...
  7. Eole Water’s newest development may help in the ongoing challenge of providing the poorest regions on Earth with clean drinking water and electricity. Its new type of wind turbine can produce both. Eole Water’s WMS1000 wind turbine ...
    Wind Energy » Eole Water » WMS1000
  8. Total installed base in the province to exceed 450 MW Vestas has received an order from Longyuan, one of China’s largest wind energy developers, for 50 MW. The order consists of 25 units of the high-performing V90-2.0 MW turbine. The turbines ...
  9. Walney wind farm off the coast of Cumbria in the UK became the world's largest offshore wind facility. One hundred and two turbines over 73 sq km (28 sq miles) provide a maximum output of 367.2 MW. It's claimed the facility will provide enough ...
  10. Cambridge Consultants announced the spin-off of Aveillant with venture investment from DFJ Esprit and AIFCL, the wind industry fund. Aveillant’s technology will remove concerns about aviation safety and air defense that are holding back ...
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