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  1. Low cost infra-red (IR) arrays are revolutionizing applications across a broad spectrum of industry sectors - including security, automotive, building automation and consumer electronics. Through such devices precise imaging data and detailed heat ...
  2. Lowest saturation voltage and superior switching performance enable higher efficiencies Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited (AOS) announced the release of AOK20B135D1 , the flagship device in its new 1350 V AlphaIGBT™ portfolio. The ...
    Discretes · Domestic · Power » Alpha & Omega » AOK20B135D1
  3. Sharp Corp. recently unveiled two versions of a new robotic vacuum cleaner named Cocorobo (a play of words that combines “heart” and “robot” in Japanese). While they are expected to be more expensive than iRobot’s ...
    Homeware · Domestic · Robots » Sharp » RX-V80-S, RX-V100-W
  4. By Darren Quick Gizmag MIT Media Lab graduates David Carr and John Kestner are looking to hook household objects up to the Web via Twine, a 2.5-inch square (16 cm 2 ) box with internal and/or external sensors that connects to a Wi-Fi network to ...
  5. Self configuring wireless sensor network devices enable remotely managed home automation, healthcare, security and energy monitoring consumer applications Dialog Semiconductor , a provider of highly integrated innovative power management, audio and ...
    Wireless · Domestic · Automation · Networks » Dialog Semiconductor » SC14WSMDATA, SC14WSMDECT, SC14CVMDECT
  6. The new Infineon 's home automation application example including hardware and software code examples is the perfect starting point to design an RF remote control solution for the sub 1GHz frequency bands. It consists of an RF board including the ...
    Wireless · Domestic » Infineon » TDA 7210V, PMAfob
  7. While most of us own coffee tables that are exactly just that, the advancement of technology has enabled this humble piece of home furniture to be much more than what it is. Behold, the Interactive LED Coffee Table that does more than just sit ...

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