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  1. Rohde Schwarz introduces its new autonomous mobile network scanner at Mobile World Congress 2015. Unlike previous scanner models, the R S TSMA features an integrated high-power processor and does not require an external PC. This makes it extremely ...
    Cellular · Wireless · Measurement » Rohde&Schwarz » TSMA-K31 LTE
  2. Maximized handset output power and smaller pc-boards come from dynamically adjustable integrated antenna-matching capacitors. STMicroelectronics is working to help avoid dropped calls and increase battery life with a new range of highly ...
  3. Giesecke Devrient (G D) presents the world’s smallest SIM card: the nano-SIM. A third smaller than the micro-SIM, the nano-SIM enables manufacturers to produce devices that are even thinner and perform even better. This new development from G ...
  4. AD8312 improves performance for wireless devices in two-thirds the board space Analog Devices is introducing a radio frequency (RF) power detector for cellular handsets that allows manufacturers to achieve greater performance while reducing system ...

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