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  1. 14-12-2015
  2. Radiotelevisión de Veracruz (RTV), the public broadcaster of the Mexican state of Veracruz, has been using four digital R S THU9 high-power transmitters from Rohde Schwarz since late 2014. Like all Mexican broadcasters, RTV has until the end ...
    Wireless · Radio · TV » Rohde&Schwarz » THU9, FSH3-TV, ETL TV, DVSG, NRP2
  3. Mini-Circuits new RLM-43-5W+ surface mount limiter is ideal for protecting LNAs and other sensitive devices from ESD and input power damage, stabilizing generator outputs, and reducing amplitude variations in many hi-rel military and commercial ...
  4. Infineon 's BGSF1717MN26 is a Double Pole 14 Throw (DP14T) Antenna Switch Module (ASM) optimized for wireless applications up to 3.8 GHz. It is the perfect solution for multi-mode handsets which may be using carrier aggregation based on LTE, LTE-A, ...
    Wireless · Wireless · Radio » Infineon » BGSF1717MN26
  5. Capable of producing 100 W output signals across its full operating bandwidth of 400 kHz to 5 MHz, Mini-Circuits’ new LZY-5+ amplifier provides an ideal solution for many low-frequency, high-power applications such as avionics, broadcast ...
    Radio · TV » Mini-Circuits » LZY-5+
  6. Mini-Circuits’ new ZVE-2W-272+ Class-A amplifier achieves the versatile combination of 2 W output power and consistent performance across the entire 700 2700 MHz frequency range, meeting requirements for many applications including satellite ...
    Wireless · Radio » Mini-Circuits » ZVE-2W-272+
  7. With digital radio gaining momentum in key markets around the world, a growing number of car OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers are offering in-car digital radio systems. The global market leader in semiconductors for car entertainment NXP Semiconductors ...
    Automotive · Radio » NXP » SAF360x
  8. FM radio receiver modules are standard in many of today’s mobile phones and handsets, with the mobile phone’s headset cord doubling as the FM antenna. However, this is not an ideal solution, as reception can be poor, the wired headset ...
    RF · Radio » Infineon » BGB719N7ESD
  9. By eliminating almost all RF development work, the BL600 series Bluetooth low energy radio module from U.K. ODM Laird Technologies is ready to connect to smartphones and sensors and requires only a minimal amount of programing to set up. Nordic ...
    Wireless · Interfaces · Radio » Laird » BL600
  10. The SAF775x lowers system costs, improves performance and reception, and adds an open DSP core for advanced audio applications such as noise cancellation. NXP Semiconductors introduced the SAF775x , a combined car radio and audio system fully ...
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