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  1. TDK Corporation presents the miniaturized TPLC553030-592H automotive transponder coil for tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) that operate at a center frequency of 125 kHz. With its dimensions of just 5.5 mm × 3.0 mm × 3.0 mm, the ...
    Wireless · Automotive · Measurement » TDK » TPLC553030-592H
  2. Arduino Team Arduino You Can Now Program Your Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone on Arduino Create Today, at Embedded Linux Conference 2018, Arduino announced the expansion of the number of architectures supported by its Arduino Create platform for the ...
  3. GaN Systems made public the 120 A, 650 V GaN E-HEMT, extending its leadership with the industry’s most powerful line of high performance GaN transistors. Power levels continue to rise creating the need for higher operating current. The ...
    Discretes · Power » GaN Systems » GS-065-120-1-D
  4. Offers Highest Power Density to DC-DC Applications Fabless power semiconductor company Helix Semiconductors announced the start of mass production of its MxC200 , a configurable high-efficiency 15 W DC-DC power IC. Previously known as the HS200, ...
    Supply » Helix » MxC200
  5. High-performance diodes protect USB and power supply interfaces in mobile devices Toshiba Electronics Europe has announced a new series of TVS diodes that protect USB power lines and power supply connectors used in mobile devices. Toshiba’s ...
  6. In Energy Harvesting power management circuits which convert small energy obtained from the surrounding environment into electric power, it’s necessary to minimize the current consumption. Likewise, quiescent current suppression is very ...
    Supply · Power » AKM » AP4410BEC
  7. Visual Communications Company (VCC) recently launched the CSM Series surface mount capacitive touch LED sensor, which boasts the smallest footprint in the industry. The CSM Series Capacitive Touch Sensor Displays are unique because they measure ...
  8. New range of overvoltage-tolerant AHC Logic dividers increase flexibility and reliability Nexperia, the former Standard Products division of NXP , announced a new range of AHC (Advanced High speed CMOS) dividers with oscillators that save space, ...
    Electronic components » Nexperia » 74AHC1G4210, 74AHC1G4212, 74AHC1G4214
  9. Ikalogic is providing 4 channel logic analyzers ( ScanaQuad series) that perfectly fit serial protocols debugging and diagnostic purposes (like I 2 C, SPI, RS232, CAN or 1-Wire). Intuitive ScanaStudio software runs on all major platforms ...
    Measurement » Ikalogic » ScanaQuad
  10. Never have industrial systems been this much packed with electronics, and obviously, such embedded systems need maintenance. Although portable oscilloscopes have existed for decades, Ikalogic didn’t have the exact same definition of ...
    Measurement » Ikalogic » IkaScope
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