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  1. Highly integrated synchronous power module features up to 95 percent efficiency for space- and height-constrained applications Texas Instruments (TI) introduced a 5.5-V step-down power module that delivers true, continuous 6-A output current with ...
    Supply · Power » Texas Instruments » TPSM82480
  2. 5-Output Universal PMIC, designed to meet the power requirements of a broad range of low power FPGAs, DSPs, and microprocessors Includes a conditional sequencing engine suitable for nearly any processor Integrated 8-bit ADC with 2 external inputs ...
    Supply » MaxLinear » MxL7704-X, MxL7704-A
  3. Power Supply in Package (PSiP) Uses a Unique Design Based on a Patented, Two-stage Architecture that Relies on Capacitors to Handle the Bulk of the Power-conversion Work pSemi Corporation (formerly Peregrine Semiconductor), a Murata company focused ...
    Drivers · Supply · Light » pSemi » PE23300
  4. Class-leading current consumption prolongs battery life in remote control applications ROHM has recently announced the development of a boost DC/DC converter with built-in MOSFET featuring the lowest current consumption in the industry, making it ...
    Supply · Power » ROHM » BU33UV7NUX
  5. Industry-leading performance, up to 28 V over-voltage protection, current limiting and true reverse blocking Alpha and Omega Semiconductor (AOS) introduced a new Type-C Power Delivery compliant load switch with up to 28 V over-voltage protection. ...
    Supply » Alpha & Omega » AOZ1353
  6. Analog Devices announced the Power by Linear™ LTM4661 , a low power step-up µModule® regulator in a 6.25 mm × 6.25 mm × 2.42 mm BGA package. Only a few capacitors and one resistor are required to complete the design, and ...
    Supply » Analog Devices » LTM4661
  7. The STNRG011 digital-power controller from STMicroelectronics simplifies and accelerates development of 90-300 W power supplies and adapters for computers, LED lighting, medical equipment, telecom, and industrial equipment, meeting today’s ...
    Supply · Power » STMicroelectronics » STNRG011
  8. Torex Semiconductor has launched the XCL301 series of coil-integrated “micro DC/DC” converters that support negative voltage output. The XCL301 series is the first Torex coil-integrated micro DC/DC converter series that supports ...
    Supply » Torex » XCL301
  9. Diodes Incorporated announced the AL5814 , AL5817 , and AL5816 linear LED controllers. These devices deliver dimmable and adjustable drive current for LED strings with more than 80% efficiency. The AL58xx series provides a low BOM-cost solution for ...
    Supply · Light » Diodes » AL5814, AL5815, AL5816, AL5817
  10. New devices combine high efficiency and low noise Toshiba Electronics Europe announced the launch of a new series of 600 V planar MOSFETs known as “π-MOS IX”. The new series is aimed at small to medium switching power supplies such ...
    Discretes · Supply » Toshiba » TK1K9A60F, TK1K2A60F, TK750A60F, TK650A60F
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