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  1. Analog Devices (ADI) introduced two multi-channel 10 V and 0-20 mA precision A/D converters that better enable implementation of programmable logic controller (PLC) and distributed control system (DCS) modules. Leveraging ADI’s iPassives® ...
    ADC, DAC · Measurement » Analog Devices » AD4111, AD4112
  2. Corresponding to the UL safety standard UL61800-5-1 for industrial equipment, Corporation, (AKM), has developed the CZ-370x series coreless current sensor, which achieving both creepage distance and clearance distance greater than 8 mm. With a wide ...
    Sensors · Measurement · Power » AKM » CZ-3700, CZ-3701, CZ-3702, CZ-3703, CZ-3704, CZ-3705, CZ-3706
  3. Versatile sensors are ideal for measuring current or proximity NVE Corporation announced the new SM324-10E Smart Magnetometer. The new sensor combines a unique Tunneling Magnetoresistance (TMR) sensor element with sophisticated digital signal ...
    Sensors · Measurement » NVE » SM324-10E
  4. TI's next-generation isolated amplifier delivers higher working voltages, longer lifetimes, more stable and accurate measurements over an extended temperature range, and reduced board space Texas Instruments (TI) introduced a new reinforced ...
  5. With the R S FSW, Rohde Schwarz is the technology leader in signal and spectrum analyzers. Now, Rohde Schwarz has completely enhanced this high-end analyzer family. All R S FSW models with a maximum input frequency of 26.5 GHz and above are now ...
  6. Allegro MicroSystems has released a fully integrated, small form factor, power monitoring IC with reinforced voltage isolation. Allegro’s ACS724 and ACS711 current sensor ICs are commonly used in internet connected power outlets and other IoT ...
  7. Single IC offers industry-leading accuracy for real-time power measurement of AC and DC power supplies In systems that use both AC and DC power, the implementation of dual-mode power monitoring traditionally requires multiple ICs to ensure superior ...
    Supply · Measurement » Microchip » MCP39F511A
  8. E524.32 / E524.33: Easy implementing cost-effective system solution With the ICs E524.32 and E524.33 , Elmos presents the next generation of the Direct-Drive ultrasonic IC family for automotive ultrasonic parking assistance systems. Furthermore, ...
    Sensors · Measurement » Elmos » E524.32, E524.33
  9. ABLIC Inc. (hereinafter “ABLIC”), the semiconductor manufacturer, launched the S-5420 , a UV light photodiode manufactured from silicon that detects UV light from the UV-A to the UV-B range. The S-5420 comprises a high- and ...
  10. Analog Devices (ADI) introduced an energy metering IC with autocalibration for single-phase energy measurement applications. The new ADE9153A uses m Sure® technology to automatically calibrate the measurement system, significantly reducing ...
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