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  1. Analog Devices announced a new sensor interface IC that enables the next generation of intelligent electrochemical sensors. As the only solution available to incorporate potentiostat and Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) functionality on ...
  2. Ikalogic has just release TrigBox. As the name implies, it adds Trigger IN/OUT capability to the existing range of ScanaQuad logic analyzers . The way it works is quite simple: A special synchronization signal is exposed to the 5th pin of the USB ...
    Measurement » Ikalogic » ScanaQuad
  3. The VL53L1X time-of-flight sensor from STMicroelectronics extends the detection range of ST’s FlightSense technology to four meters, bringing high-accuracy, low-power distance measurement, and proximity detection to an even wider variety of ...
  4. Rohde Schwarz has equipped Huawei and its subsidiary HiSilicon with complete test solutions for narrowband IoT. Since 2016, when NB-IoT was standardized by 3GPP, several leading network operators have been providing commercial services globally and ...
  5. TDK Corporation presents the miniaturized TPLC553030-592H automotive transponder coil for tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) that operate at a center frequency of 125 kHz. With its dimensions of just 5.5 mm × 3.0 mm × 3.0 mm, the ...
    Wireless · Automotive · Measurement » TDK » TPLC553030-592H
  6. Ikalogic is providing 4 channel logic analyzers ( ScanaQuad series) that perfectly fit serial protocols debugging and diagnostic purposes (like I 2 C, SPI, RS232, CAN or 1-Wire). Intuitive ScanaStudio software runs on all major platforms ...
    Measurement » Ikalogic » ScanaQuad
  7. Never have industrial systems been this much packed with electronics, and obviously, such embedded systems need maintenance. Although portable oscilloscopes have existed for decades, Ikalogic didn’t have the exact same definition of ...
    Measurement » Ikalogic » IkaScope
  8. 1 MHz Bandwidth Current Sensor ICs with 3600 VRMS Isolation Allegro MicroSystems , LLC adds a new generation of high bandwidth current sensor ICs to their existing family of devices. The Allegro’s ACS732 and ACS733 current sensor ICs provide ...
    Sensors · Measurement » Allegro » ACS732, ACS733
  9. Designed with Integrated, Low Power Conductors and up to 4800 VRMS Galvanic Isolation Allegro MicroSystems , LLC introduces a new high accuracy Hall-effect-based current sensor IC with multiple programmable fault levels intended for industrial and ...
    Sensors · Measurement » Allegro » ACS720
  10. The A1330 Devices Support Either Analog or PWM Output Signals for Ease of Integration Allegro MicroSystems introduces a new 0 to 360 angle sensor ICs that provide contactless high-resolution angular position information based on magnetic Circular ...
    Sensors · Measurement » Allegro » A1330
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