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  1. Highly efficient solution features 45 Watt output Toshiba Electronics Europe announced the launch of a new 4-channel high-efficiency linear power amplifier for in-vehicle audio applications that delivers the performance and sound quality that ...
  2. CML introduces a new generation of ultra-low power voice codecs for high quality ‘always on’ voice applications CML Microcircuits introduces the next generation in voice codecs, aimed at existing telephony and emerging high quality ...
  3. Highly featured new device is very resistant to power surges Toshiba Electronics Europe (Toshiba) has launched a new 4-channel power amplifier for automotive audio applications that is highly resistant to the power surges typically found within ...
    Amplifiers · Audio » Toshiba » TCB503HQ
  4. Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation, (AKM), has released the AK4377A , a D/A converter with headphone amplifier. This is the newer and higher performing solution compared to the AK4376A , (a 2017 release), which has been adopted by many portable ...
    ADC, DAC · Audio » AKM » AK4377A
  5. Infineon Technologies and Zylia, a Poland-based developer of recording technologies, have enabled the world’s first portable recording studio. The integration of Infineon’s class-leading 69 dB SNR digital MEMS microphone into the Zylia ...
    Audio » Infineon · Zylia » XENSIV, ZM-1
  6. The FDA803D and FDA903D digital-input automotive audio amplifiers from STMicroelectronics are richly featured to simplify integration and maximize reliability in telematics and emergency-eCall equipment, Acoustic Vehicle Alerting Systems (AVAS) in ...
    Amplifiers · Automotive · Audio » STMicroelectronics » FDA803D, FDA903D
  7. Analog Devices (ADI) announced three enhanced Automotive Audio Bus (A 2 B®) transceivers that deliver unprecedented capability to tailor system-level performance to even the most stringent electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements. The ...
    Electronic components · Automotive · Audio » Analog Devices » AD2426W, AD2427W, AD2428W
  8. MAX98357 and MAX98358, ideal for a wide variety of applications, provide Class AB audio performance with Class D efficiency for superior audio quality With the MAX98357 and MAX98358 digital-input Class D audio power amplifiers by Maxim Integrated ...
    Amplifiers · Audio » Maxim » MAX98357, MAX98358
  9. Featuring low THD+N, low EMI and high PSRR, the PAM8106 is a 10 W stereo Class-D audio amplifier that integrates spread-spectrum modulation (SSM) and non-clipping power limit (NCPL) technology to deliver advanced features for a range of battery- or ...
    Audio » Diodes » PAM8106
  10. Highly integrated 4-channel linear audio amp uses patented technology to reduce power consumption by 90% Toshiba Electronics Europe has developed a 4-channel, high-efficiency class-AB linear power amplifier IC that delivers high-quality sound ...
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