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  1. New solution realizes 1.8 V, 4.0 A motor control with two dry-cell batteries Toshiba Electronics Europe announced the launch of an addition to its line-up of dual H-bridge driver ICs for DC brushed motors and stepping motors. The new TC78H653FTG ...
    Drivers » Toshiba » TC78H653FTG
  2. Appliance half-bridge motor driver eliminates heatsinks, slashes software certification time and expense Power Integrations announced the release of its BridgeSwitch™ integrated half-bridge (IHB) motor driver IC family. BridgeSwitch ICs ...
    Drivers · Power » Power Integrations » BridgeSwitch
  3. The STMicroelectronics ISO8200AQ galvanic isolated octal high-side smart power switch enhances diagnostics and system management by providing a 20 MHz SPI port allowing both per-channel over-temperature signalization and efficient daisy-chaining of ...
    Drivers » STMicroelectronics » ISO8200AQ
  4. New LED drivers from TI help designers reduce power consumption and improve total system efficiency in human-machine interface applications Texas Instruments (TI) introduced a new family of LED drivers with integrated, independent color mixing, ...
    Drivers · Light » Texas Instruments » LP5018, LP5024, LP5030, LP5036
  5. Advanced ISL784x4 MOSFET Driver Family Enables High Current DC/DC Conversion with Adjustable Dead Time and Maximum Efficiency Renesas Electronics announced a new family of automotive-grade 100 V, 4 A half-bridge N-channel MOSFET drivers. The ...
    Drivers · Power » Renesas » ISL78424, ISL78434, ISL78444
  6. The STGAP2DM gate driver, the second in the STGAP2 series of galvanically isolated drivers from STMicroelectronics , integrates low-voltage control and interface circuitry with two isolated output channels that allow either unipolar or bipolar gate ...
    Drivers · Power » STMicroelectronics » STGAP2DM
  7. Infineon Technologies is launching the IFX007T NovalithIC™ motor driver for industrial applications. The IFX007T smart half-bridge provides an easy and efficient way to drive brushed and brushless motors, integrating a p-channel high-side ...
    Drivers · Power » Infineon » IFX007T
  8. Infineon Technologies adds another member to its family of intelligent power modules (IPMs): CIPOS™ Maxi IM818 series integrates various power and control components to increase reliability, optimize PCB size and system costs. The IPM is ...
    Drivers · Power » Infineon » IM818-SCC, IM818-MCC
  9. Drones have struggled with reduction of noise, obtaining longer flight times, reducing size, component weight, and safety. Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation, (AKM), has now started sampling of an integrated pre-driver IC, the AP1050 for 3-phase ...
    Drivers » AKM » AP1050
  10. The TMC2160 is a versatile, high voltage gate-driver getting the best performance out of stepper motors from NEMA23 up to NEMA34 and higher with Step/Dir interface and SPI TRINAMIC Motion Control announces the arrival of the new high-performance ...
    Drivers » TRINAMIC » TMC2160
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