NXP Releases GreenChip for Flexibility in High-Power LED Design


New controller-only buck LED driver offers highly cost-effective solution with best-in-class efficiency

NXP Semiconductors announced the availability of the SSL2109 – a high-efficiency buck controller for high-power, non-dimmable LED lighting applications using non-isolated topologies. Designed for use with an external power switch, the SSL2109 LED driver IC provides a single design platform for 100V, 120V and 230V mains input voltages and power ranges up to 25 W. By offering a controller-only version of the popular SSL2108x family, the SSL2109 provides LED retrofit lamp and driver module manufacturers with the flexibility to optimize external MOSFET selection based on cost, performance and heat dissipation, also across different power levels. Based on GreenChip™ technology, the SSL2109 offers best-in-class efficiency up to 95%; a high level of integration, with only 15 components required for a full application; a small PCB area enabling compact designs; and a very low electronic bill of materials (BoM).

NXP: драйвер светодиодов SSL2109

“By bringing down the cost of LEDs, leading lighting manufacturers are accelerating their adoption in the residential and commercial lighting markets. The SSL2109 LED controller IC offers a very low electronic bill of materials for high-efficiency LED driver applications, a very low cost of design, and flexibility in optimizing external MOSFET selection across an extremely wide range of power levels, also with cost in mind,” said Ryan Zahn, general manager, lighting solutions product line, NXP Semiconductors.

SSL2109 Block Diagram
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Key Features

The SSL2109 is a controller-only version of the SSL2108x family of LED driver ICs, with many similar features, including:

  • A high integration level, with only 15 components required on the PCB
  • Small PCB area measuring only 18 × 22 mm in reference designs
  • High efficiency up to 95%
  • Low electronic bill of materials (eBoM) for LED driver applications
  • Tight LED current regulation, better than 5%
  • Direct PWM dimming possible
  • A complete set of built-in protections, including LED temperature protection via an NTC temperature sensor
  • Ease of design-in and manufacturing
  • High reliability, with IC lifetime matching or surpassing LED lifetime


The SSL2109 controller-only buck LED driver is available immediately.

For engineers, the company offers reference designs based on SSL2109 driver: SSL2109DB01 (230 V 23 W Buck reference design) and SSL2109DB02 (120 V 19 W Buck reference design).

NXP: reference designs based on SSL2109 driver


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