New 500W RF Power Transistor for Pulsed Applications Offers 18dB Gain and 64% Efficiency at 450MHz

Infineon PTVA035002EV

The new Infineon's 500W PTVA035002EV transistor is targeted at pulsed applications and combines outstanding gain and efficiency with a highly rugged design. PTVA035002EV is available as an unmatched transistor for maximum design flexibility and can be operated in the frequency band between 400MHz and 1400MHz.

China PCB Prototype and Fabrication Manufacturer

At 450MHz, it offers 18dB of gain and 64% efficiency at 50V VDD. A 10W driver, PTVA030121EA, rounds off the offering. At 50V VDD and 450MHz, it offers high gain (25dB) and efficiency (69%) while delivering 12W (CW).

Infineon - PTVA035002EV

Key features of PTVA035002EV V1 include 500W output power at 50V, typical pulsed CW class AB performance (450MHz, 50V), 18dB gain, 64% efficiency, unmatched I/O, CW capability, rugged 50V LDMOS technology, integrated ESD protection, lead-free technology and compliance with RoHS. To complete the lineup a driver was developed. PTVA030121EA V1 delivers 12W output power, has unmatched I/O, high linearity and gain evaluation circuits as well as Gerber files.


  • 500W output power
  • Maximum flexibility
  • High gain, excellent efficiency
  • Rugged 50V LDMOS technology
  • Pb-free and RoHS-compliant
  • Reference circuits available


  • UHF radar amplifiers
  • L-band radar amplifiers
  • Commercial avionics amplifiers
  • Industrial RF amplifiers

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