Incredible PBX for RasPBX

Incredible PBX

 Thanks to the hard work and great efforts of Ward Mundy, RasPBX users get an additional choice today: The comprehensive set of Incredible PBX applications, as an optional install on top of RasPBX. Incredible PBX has been famous for many years on the x86 platforms, and also has it’s own fork for the Raspberry Pi since mid 2012.

Asterisk PBX on Raspberry-Pi

Now with the new approach of an add-on installer, users get the combined benefits of both RasPBX and Incredible PBX:

  • Support for both Raspberry Pi and Beaglebone Black hardware platforms
  • RasPBX upgrades and security fixes as usual
  • Incredible PBX apps for Asterisk and FreePBX on top

Some of the additional applications in brief:

  • Preconfigured VoIP trunks,
  • FLITE text-to-speech engine as well as Google’s TTS and STT interfaces,
  • Free CallerID Name lookups for incoming calls,
  • Voice Dialing with speech-to-text (STT) capability as well as Speed Dials,
  • Yahoo News and Weather reports with text-to-speech (TTS) translation of the Yahoo news feeds,
  • Telephone Reminders and Hotel-Style Wakeup Calls,
  • SMS messaging,
  • Wolfram Alpha,
  • The versatile AsteriDex contacts database
  • and many more.

For installation instructions and all further details, read on at

But please keep in mind the Incredible PBX installer wipes out all FreePBX settings, and should therefore not be run on existing installations (unless you don’t mind deleting all your settings). Swap your current SD card with a fresh copy of RasPBX before running the installer.

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