NXP Delivers Integrated LED Controller for Increased Lamp Power

NXP SSL5015/18

NXP Semiconductors unveiled the SSL5015/18, a compact, high-efficient driver IC for LED solutions. Complementing NXP’s broad GreenChip SSL family of products, the SSL5015/18, with an integrated MOSFET, supports lighting applications up to 18W lamp power like TLED and PAR lamp shape. The controller is available across multiple markets. The SSL5015 is optimized for US and Japan, while the SSL5018 is designed for Europe and Asia.

NXP SSL5015/18

By introducing the SSL5015/18, NXP also adds four new reference boards to the NXP LED Driver Solutions Selection Guide. NXP’s cost-effective LED Driver Solutions simplify lamp design with the right form factor to streamline the design-in process, and extend lifetime and reliability.

The SSL5015/18 offers customers a cost-effective, non-isolated solution with a high lamp power factor (PF) up to 0.9. Engineers can also tailor the demo board quickly and easily to suit their individual needs using NXP’s online design tool. This tool decreases time to market and reduces margin for error with simulation capabilities. 


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