Ultrafast Reverse Recovery Power Silicon Diodes

Infineon FullPAK

Infineon has expanded its portfolio of rapid diodes. These new devices are targeted at high-efficiency applications with switching frequencies between 18 kHz and 100 kHz. Available in TO-220 and TO-220 FullPAK packages, the new devices are an excellent fit for PFC stages and free-wheeling diodes in DC/DC stages in aircon, lighting, telecom rectifier, UPS and welding applications.

Infineon FullPAK

With 650 V break-through voltage, the new devices provide an additional 50 V for higher reliability without compromising on efficiency. The VF is stable over temperature. This means the forward voltage of the diode remains constant from -40°C to 175°C. This allows customers to maximize diode efficiency regardless of the junction temperature.

With low VF and soft recovery, the Rapid1 family is optimized for applications switching between 18 kHz and 40 kHz where low conduction losses and EMI emissions are critical design factors.

Infineon FullPAK

The Rapid 2 family is designed for applications switching between 40 kHz and 100 kHz. In this switching range, switching losses account for most of the losses. Rapid 2 has thus been optimized for low Qrr and trr. Rapid 2 also provides super soft recovery behavior with an S factor >>1.


  • Temperature-stable conduction losses (VF)
  • Rapid 1 offers 250 mV lower conduction losses (VF) than best competitor
  • Rapid 2 offers lowest Qrr:VF ratio
  • High level of softness for low EMI filtering


  • Private and commercial airconditioners, PFC servers, PFC telecom rectifiers, PC power supplies (>90 W), PFC lighting systems, welding tools


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