DrBlade 2 Power Stage and Fourth-Generation Digital Controller

Infineon DrBlade 2

Infineon's digital voltage regulation solution combining a DrBlade™ 2 power stage and a Magni4 controller provides maximum configuration flexibility with a minimum external component count. This solution was designed to meet the increasingly stringent voltage regulation requirements of new microprocessor generations, memory systems and SoC power applications. Small, extremely efficient and thermally enhanced power stages in the novel RoHS 2016-compliant blade packaging technology maximize power density and save PCB real estate. Continuous innovation in FET, driver and controller technology enable peak efficiencies above 95% for maximum system performance.

Infineon DrBlade 2

The extensively validated whole system approach offers sense and protection features for superior system robustness as well as higher reliability. This device comes with a Graphic User Interface (GUI) to program controller parameters and tune the VR in live mode.

Efficiency measurement of DrBlade™ 2
Infineon DrBlade 2

Infineon also has a highly trained global engineering network to provide high-quality support from design to manufacturing.


  • 60 A max average load current
  • 4.5 V to 16 V input voltage
  • Temperature sensing and thermal waning
  • Load current sensing
  • Digital configuration


  • Desktop and server Vcore and non-Vcore buck converters
  • Single phase and multiphase point of load designs
  • CPU/GPU regulation in notebooks, desktop graphic cards, DDR memories, graphic memories
  • High power density voltage regulator modules (VRM) and system on chip designs


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