Seiko Instruments Releases New LDO Regulator with Reset Function in Smaller Package for Automotive Applications

Seiko S-19311

S-19311 Series allows customers to use TO-252-5S, a newly developed compact package with high heat dissipation

Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII) announced the release of the S-19311 Series automotive high input 36 V LDO regulator with reset function, adopting a newly developed compact package TO-252-5S with high heat dissipation. The S-19311 can be connected directly to batteries, and the reset function allows for a reset signal to be sent when the LDO regulator voltage drops below a designated threshold.

Seiko - S-19311

The new TO-252-5S can be mounted on the existing pad area and has approximately the same dissipation as the industry-standard TO-252-5 (DPAK), however, the mounting area is reduced by 35% and the height has a near 50% reduction. An even more compact HSOP-8A package capable of high heat dissipation is also available. This IC is suitable for smaller automotive ECUs and typical applications include power supply for a microcontroller in a system directly connected to a battery.

The S-19311 Series was specifically developed to meet the demanding high quality requirements for automotive use. The 36 V maximum input voltage (rating 45 V) and the operating temperature range up to 125 degrees C enable operation in high input voltage and high temperature applications such as engines. The IC can also withstand 45 V load dump.

The output and detection voltages are selectable in 0.1 V steps. The output voltage (LDO regulator block) is also selectable from 3.0 V to 5.3 V in 0.1 V steps with accuracy of ±2.0%, and the output current is 200 mA. Customers can select the detection voltage (reset IC block) from 2.6 V to 5.0 V in 0.1 V steps with accuracy of ±100 mV and hysteresis width of 0.12 V min. The current consumption is 60 µA typ. during operation. The packages are the lead-free and halogen-free TO-252-5S and HSOP-8A. The junction temperature range is from –40 to +150 degrees C, and AEC-Q100 is currently in process. The S-19311 Series has options available with a thermal simulation service which offers a suggestion of thermal resistance value and recommended wiring ratio to help customers select packages.

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