Holtek HT67F5660 24-bit Delta Sigma A/D and LCD Flash MCU for High-precision Measurement Applications

Holtek HT67F5650 HT67F5660

Holtek announces the release of its new 24-bit Delta Sigma A/D with LCD Flash MCU, the HT67F5660. The internal Delta Sigma A/D converter has an effective number of bits (ENOB) of up to 18 bits and with its abundant hardware resources and flexible functions, the device will be highly capable of providing MCU solutions for a huge variety of high-precision measurement applications such as forehead thermometers, ear thermometers and other high-resolution electronic scales as well as a wide range of other consumer products.

Holtek - HT67F5660

The device also meets with full industrial specification requirements of –40 °C … 85 °C operating temperature and has high noise immunity. With regard to external interfacing it is well equipped with I2C, SPI and UART interfaces and additionally includes an area of non-volatile EEPROM memory which can be used to save data such as product parameters or manufacturing data. This data will be retained even when power is removed.

The device includes 16K words of Program Memory, 1024 bytes of SRAM Data Memory and 256 bytes of Data EEPROM. In addition to the external crystal oscillator, the device also includes an accurate fully internal RC oscillator with selectable frequencies of 4.9152 MHz, 9.8304 MHz and 14.7456 MHz as well as an additional low speed internal RC oscillator with a fixed 32 kHz frequency. Additional feature includes an internal LCD driver with a 48×4 pixel output structure which can directly drive product LCD panels.

The fully integrated and new design 24-bit Delta Sigma A/D converter has its own LDO output and PGA small signal amplifier. The device includes multiple Timer Modules, which have 5 different operating modes. These are Timer/Counter Mode, Input Capture Mode, Compare Mode, Single Pulse Output Mode and PWM Output Mode. As for packaging, the device is supplied in 64/80-pin LQFP package types.

To support the new device, Holtek naturally supplies a full suite of excellent hardware and software development tools including the HT-IDE3000 and ICE (In-Circuit-Emulator) which include trace analysis features, breakpoint setup as well as a host of other functions. The Holtek’s e-WriterPro also provides a means of In-Circuit Programming to allow for fast program updates during development. There are also a range of application guides to ensure developers have their designs up and running in the shortest time possible.

JLCPCP: 2USD 2Layer 5PCBs, 5USD 4Layer 5PCBs

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