STMicroelectronics Adds Nucleo Development Boards for 32-Pin STM32 Microcontroller Lines

STMicroelectronics Nucleo-F042K6 Nucleo-F031K6 Nucleo-F303K8

STMicroelectronics is extending its range of STM32 Nucleo development boards with scalable, small-form-factor variants to support the tiny 32-pin members of its STM32 microcontroller family. The new STM32 Nucleo-32 boards NUCLEO-F031K6NUCLEO-F042K6 and NUCLEO-F303K8 come with direct support from a wide choice of IDEs and direct access to mbed online resources. The STM32 Nucleo open platform enables easy and affordable prototyping using STM32 microcontrollers combined with a range of available hardware plug-ins through Arduino Nano connectors.

STM 32 Nucleo-32 Key Features:

  • STM32 microcontrollers in 32-pin packages
  • extension with Arduino Nano connectivity
  • on-board ST-LINK/V2-1 debugger/programmer
  • USB reenumeration capability: three different interfaces supported on USB:
    • Virtual Com port
    • mass storage
    • debug port
  • flexible board power supply:
    • USB VBUS
    • external source
  • three LEDs:
    • USB communication (LD1), power LED (LD2), user LED (LD3)
  • reset push button
  • supported by wide choice of Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) including IAR, Keil, GCC-based IDEs.

Developers can also take full advantage of the STM32 software libraries as well as STM32Cube tools to facilitate software development and port designs from one STM32 variant to another. The STM32 Nucleo boards include the ST-LINK debugger/programmer, which enables drag-and-drop flash programming, so there is no need for a separate debug probe.

STM32Cube consists of :

  • The STM32CubeMX, featuring
    • Configuration C code generation for pin multiplexing, clock tree, peripherals and middleware setup with graphical wizards
    • Generation of IDE ready projects for a integrated development environment tool chains
    • Power consumption calculation for a user-defined application sequence
    • Direct import of STM32 Cube embedded software libraries from
    • Integrated updater to keep STM32CubeMX up-to-date
  • STM32Cube embedded software libraries, including:
    • The HAL hardware abstraction layer, enabling portability between different STM32 devices via standardized API calls
    • A collection of Middleware components, like RTOS, USB library, file system, TCP/IP stack, Touch sensing library or Graphic Library (depending on the MCU series)

Makers and engineers can choose among 3 flavors of STM32 Nucleo-32 boards based on the STM32F031, STM32F042, and STM32F303. In addition, STM32L0 and STM32L4 ultra-low-power series will be supported in Q1 2016.

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