Wolfspeed Delivers Industry's First 1000V SiC MOSFET

Wolfspeed C3M0065100K

Wolfspeed, a Cree Company has introduced a 1000 V MOSFET that enables a reduction in overall system cost, while improving system efficiency and decreasing system-size. The new MOSFET, specially optimized for fast charging and industrial power supplies, enables a 30 percent reduction in component-count while achieving more than 3x increase in power density and a 33 percent increase in output power.

Wolfspeed - C3M0065100K

With the introduction of its 1000 V SiC MOSFET, Wolfspeed leads the market with the industry’s most complete device portfolio. Wolfspeed was the first company to release a commercially qualified SiC MOSFET in 2011 and remains a leader today, committed to delivering great technology and value.

Designers can reduce component-count by moving from silicon-based, three-level topologies to simpler two-level topologies made possible by the 1000 VDS rating of the SiC MOSFET. The increase in output power in a reduced footprint is realized by the ultra-low output capacitance – as low as 60 pF – which significantly lowers switching losses. This device enables operations at higher switching frequencies, which shrinks the size of the resonant tank elements and decreases overall losses, thus reducing heatsink requirements. Wolfspeed has determined these proof-points by constructing a 20 kW full-bridge resonant LLC converter and comparing it to a market-leading 15 kW silicon system.

Design Support

Wolfspeed offers a 20 kW full-bridge resonant LLC converter reference design, listed as part number CRD-20DD09P-2. This fully assembled hardware set allows designers to quickly evaluate the new 1000 V SiC MOSFET and demonstrate its faster switching capability – as well as the increased system power density the device enables.

20 kW Full Bridge Resonant LLC Converter CRD-20DD09P-2
20 kW Full Bridge Resonant LLC Converter CRD-20DD09P-2.

The LLC converter's reference design files, which include full schematics, bill of materials, simulation files and detailed a user guide, can be found online at go.wolfspeed.com/referencedesigns. The full hardware is available for purchase on demand from Wolfspeed.

Device Information

The new 1000 V, 65 mOhm MOSFET is available in a through-hole, 4L-TO247 package and is listed as part number C3M0065100K and is currently available for purchase at Digikey, Mouser and Richardson RFPD. Wolfspeed plans to release another 1000 V MOSFET in a 4L-TO247 package at 120 mOhm (C3M0120100K) in the coming weeks. This package has a Kelvin-source connection that allows engineers to create designs that maximize the benefits of SiC’s superior speed and efficiency.

The surface-mount versions of these devices, C3M0065100J and C3M0120100J, will be released later this year. Like the 4L-TO247, the surface mount devices include a Kelvin-source pin to help minimize gate-ringing and reduce system losses.

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