TBK and Texas Instruments (TI) Deliver World's First Quad-Band Eureka-147 Digital Audio Broadcasting Module

Texas Instruments

LG Enters Digital Radio Market Leveraging TBK Module

May 3, 2004 - South Korean manufacturer TBK Electronics announced the industry's first module for Eureka-147 digital audio broadcasting (DAB) that features reception for four radio bands- AM, FM and two digital frequencies. The new quad-band module, driven by digital baseband technology from Texas Instruments (TI), enables the creation of radios that will receive traditional AM/FM analog radio broadcasts plus DAB's Band 3 and L-Band. In addition, TBK announced the first production-ready tri-band modules, with FM, Band 3 and L-band. Setting its eyes on the digital radio market with its first receivers, South Korean-based LG Electronics will leverage TBK's new modules. (See www.ti.com/dr9)

The TBK modules offer receiver manufacturers a complete hardware and software solution for digital radio receivers, simplifying development and speeding time to manufacture in the rapidly expanding DAB market. The modules are based on TI's TMS320DRE200 digital signal processor (DSP)-based digital baseband, which provides the lowest-cost chipset with the digital signal processing necessary for filtering and decoding digital radio broadcasts around the world.

The TBK quad- and tri-band Eureka-147 DAB modules are available in production quantities today. The first LG products based on the TBK modules are scheduled to be available later this year.

JLCPCP: 2USD 2Layer 5PCBs, 5USD 4Layer 5PCBs

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