Analog Devices Introduces Precision High-Voltage Operational Amplifier For Industrial Applications

Analog Devices AD8661

New precision rail-to-rail op amp leverages ADI's iCMOSTM and DigiTrim® manufacturing processes to reduce offset voltage, noise and package size.

November 9, 2004 - Analog Devices introduced a new precision, high-voltage CMOS amplifier that is 70 percent smaller than competing devices, using Analog Devices' new iCMOS industrial process technology. The AD8661 is a precision rail-to-rail operational amplifier that combines dual-supply, high-voltage operation with low offset voltage, low noise and low bias current. Using the added cost-efficiencies of its patented DigiTrim® trimming process, the AD8661 is available at a highly competitive price point.


The AD8661 is ideal for industrial and instrumentation applications, such as process control, motor control, power-line filtering, point-of-load sensing, and amplification for pressure, strain, and temperature, that require a wide dynamic operating voltage range. Designed for both single- and dual-supply operation, it is also is well-suited for medical equipment, communications infrastructure, automotive and consumer audio applications.

About the AD8661
As its newest member, the AD8661 is the first device in Analog Devices' family of industry-leading DigiTrim precision op amps designed specifically for applications requiring operating voltages in the range of 5 V to 16 V (+/- 8 V). The AD8661 also is the first in a series of competitively priced operational amplifiers that will be manufactured on Analog Devices' iCMOS industrial process technology. Dual and quad iCMOS op amps are expected in 2005.

The AD8661 features low offset voltage of 75uV (max) and low noise at 10nV/Hz. The amplifier also reduces input bias currents of 1 pA (max) by a factor of two to four over the closest competing products which is required by devices like high-impedance photodiodes used in opto-electronic applications. The AD8661 features rail-to-rail output operating voltages from 60mV to 4.85 V for 5-V supplies and -7.97 V to 7.95 V for +/- 8-V supplies. These tight specifications result in the best possible dynamic range, and allow developers to simplify their signal conditioning designs. The wider voltage range allows designers to pair their operational amplifiers with high-performance analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) and digital-to-analog converters (DACs), such as those offered by Analog Devices.

Pricing and Availability
The AD8661 is now sampling with full production quantities available in April 2005. Available in 8-lead SOIC (small outline integrated circuit) and 3 mm x 3 mm LFCSP (lead frame chip scale package) packaging options, the AD8661 is priced at $0.78 per unit in 1,000-piece quantities.

About Analog Devices' iCMOS Industrial Process Technology
iCMOS (industrial-CMOS) is a modular manufacturing process combining high-voltage with submicron CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) and complementary bipolar technologies. It enables the development of a wide range of high-performance analog ICs capable of 30-V operation in a small footprint, which no other generation of high-voltage parts has been able to achieve. Unlike analog ICs using conventional CMOS processes, iCMOS components can tolerate high supply voltages, while providing increased performance, dramatically lower power consumption, and reduced package size.

About Analog Devices' DigiTrim Technology
DigiTrim is a patented trimming process that allows production of precision amplifier components at costs up to 30 percent lower than competitive solutions and with higher accuracy, by using internal digital circuitry to adjust specific performance parameters. Because all of the circuitry is on the chip, the parts can be treated as a standard analog product and assembled without any additional processing or trimming. The process is ideal for high volume applications such as automotive sensors and instrumentation, as well as computers and communication systems.

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