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The Latest Additions AMD OpteronTM Processor Family Performing 4P And 2P X86 Processors For 32-Bit And 64-Bit Computing

AMD » 252, 852

February 14, 2005 -
AMD announced the latest additions AMD OpteronTM processor family— Models 852 and 252. The new models represent the world's highest performing processors for one-way to eight-way x86 servers and workstations.

To enable OEMs and system builders to take advantage of the next generation of I/O technology, AMD also announced the AMD-8132TM HyperTransportTM PCI-X® 2.0 tunnel, scheduled to ship for servers and workstations this month. The latest addition to the AMD-8000TM series of chipsets, the AMD-8132 tunnel brings high-performance PCI-X 2.0 connectivity to AMD Opteron processor-based systems with increased throughput, improved RAS capabilities, robust data management and enhanced HyperTransport technology connectivity.

AMD has made significant enhancements to the AMD Opteron processor with these new models. Performance-enhancing features include support for SSE3 software instructions as well as an increase in the HyperTransport performance through an increase in bus frequency, to 1GHz.

Server and workstation systems featuring the AMD Opteron processor will soon be enabled with AMD PowerNow!TM technology with Optimized Power Management. "This technology helps to minimize overall power consumption for enterprise IT and workstation customers by decreasing strain on datacenter cooling and ventilation systems," said Seyer.

Pricing and Availability
The AMD Opteron processor Models 852 and 252 will be available to partners within 30 days. Volume server solutions based on the AMD Opteron processor Models 852 and 252 are expected to be available this quarter. The AMD Opteron processor Model 852 is priced at $1,514 in 1,000-unit quantities, Model 252 is priced at $851 in 1,000-unit quantities. The AMD Opteron processor Model 152, for single-processor workstations and entry-level servers, is scheduled to be available April 30 and will be priced at $637 in 1,000-unit quantities.

About the AMD Opteron Processor
More than 40 percent of the Forbes Global 100 companies or their affiliates, representing the world's most competitive industries, have implemented servers and workstations based on the AMD Opteron processor, the world's first x86-based processor to deliver both 32- and 64-bit computing.

The AMD Opteron processor, based on AMD64 technology with Direct Connect Architecture, made history as the industry's first demonstration of a multi-core, x86 processor. Direct Connect Architecture connects multiple processors, the memory controller and the I/O directly to the central processor unit, helping to eliminate the bottlenecks inherent in a front-side bus.

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