TigerJet Network Introduces USB VoIP Processor With Build-In Flash Disk Controller

TigerJet Network Tiger581

The Tiger581 from TigerJet Network offers a complete plug and play Speaker phone solution for VoIP, integrating functions included 16 bit codec with high power drive capability, keypad scanning, hardware canceller, 8051 MCU and Nand Flash disk controller.



  • Flash Disk Controller provides auto-run function. Truly plug and play, and No installation required. Save personal file in Flash disk.
  • Internal 16 bits audio codec with high drive capability for Speaker phone application
  • Echo Canceller optimized for speaker phone /conference call application.
  • Internal 8 bits programmable MCU with on-chip 32K ROM and 64K RAM.
  • The Tiger581 is compatible with the Microsoft USB audio driver and Windows HID, this enables the Tiger581 to use the Microsoft written and supported drivers that are embedded in Windows directly.
  • Reference schematics are available that enable OEMs to quickly bring to market a family of low cost high quality VoIP products. In addition the world leading IP Phone Center telephony application and SDK is available to manufacturers who are interested in manufacturing a complete hardware/software product.
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