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Maxim's PMICs Offer Hearables Lowest Standby Power and High Efficiency at Less Than 1/2 the Size

Maxim » MAX77650, MAX77651

MAX77650 and MAX77651 with single inductor multi-output regulator and charger are optimized for small Li-ion batteries

Designers of Bluetooth® headphones, activity monitors, smart garments, smartwatches, and other size-constrained devices can now increase battery life and efficiency using the MAX77650/MAX77651 power management ICs (PMICs) from Maxim Integrated Products.

Maxim Integrated - MAX77650, MAX77651

Size is critical for hearables and wearables as they continue moving to smaller form factors. Most PMICs for these small, lithium-ion battery-operated devices require additional components, such as boost, buck, and low dropout (LDO) regulators; a charger; and current regulators for LED indicators. For space-savings and efficiency, Maxim has integrated all these functions into a complete power solution that is only 19.2 mm2 – less than 1/2 the size of existing component combinations.

The MAX77650 and MAX77651 feature single inductor multiple output (SIMO) buck-boost regulators that provide three independently programmable power rails from a single inductor, 150 mA LDO, and three current sink drivers to reduce overall component count and maximize available board space. For design flexibility, the MAX77650 operates up to 3.3 V and the MAX77651 operates up to 5 V – both include an analog multiplexer (MUX) output for safe battery monitoring, making them ideal for low-power designs.

Evaluation Kit for the MAX77650/MAX77651
Evaluation Kit for the MAX77650/MAX77651.

Key Advantages

  • Lowest Standby Power:
    • 0.3 µA standby current
    • 5.6 µA operating current
  • High Efficiency:
    3-output SIMO channels plus LDO extend Li+ battery life
  • Smallest Solution Size:
    Multi-channel SIMO regulator reduces component count

Availability and Pricing

  • MAX77650/MAX77651 are available from stock and priced at $1.99 (1,000-up, FOB USA)
  • MAX77650EVKIT# and MAX77651EVKIT# are available from stock and priced at $193.63 each

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