Murata introduces ultra small RAIN RFID tag for wearable and healthcare


Murata Manufacturing announces the release of our latest RAIN RFID tag designed for embeddable applications – p/n LXMSJZNCMF-198. This new product has been in production since August 2017.

Murata - LXMSJZNCMF-198

RAIN RFID adoption rates are rising as companies realize its value in inventory tracking and product traceability, but small consumer goods have posed a challenge due to the reduced space for labels. Murata, a primary leader in multi-layer ceramic substrate, has integrated a RAIN RFID chip and antenna to create a complete RFID tag, perfect for use on small items. The 1.25 mm square package, with a height of only 0.55 mm, is uniquely suited for use in eyewear, watches, and other wearable accessories, as well as healthcare applications like test tube sample identification.


  • Ultra small size, measuring 1.25 × 1.25 × 0.55 mm
  • Antenna is integrated into the multi-layer ceramic substrate
  • Incorporates Impinj’s high-performance Monza R6 tag chip
  • Complies with UHF RFID standard ISO18000-63 and EPC Global Gen2v2
  • Supports the global UHF band from 865 MHz to 928 MHz
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