Molex Introduces Micro Coax Pitch Wire-to-Board Connector System


Molex' s Micro Coax system is the industry's first IDT-type 0.40mm (.016") pitch coaxial system; Micro Coax provides superior signal integrity, space savings and reliability.

Micro Coax system
The Micro Coax system was developed for cell-phones that use rotating LCDs. FFC/FPC had often been used but makers were looking for a shielded solution that provided better noise protection and flexibility.

Micro Coax Molex

Molex' s Micro Coax was the first to use Insulation Displacement Technology (IDT). This method has proved superior to previous solder methods in terms of shielding, reliability and space savings. Molex produces its cable assemblies in-house for further reliability and quality control.


  • Cellphones
  • Digital cameras/camcorders
  • Notebook PC LCDs
  • Test connectors for Servers/Drives
  • Any application with a rotating LCD
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